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A team of UK based personal assistants transforming your hectic schedule into a harmonious symphony.

Inbox decluttering

Diary management

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From managing your inbox clutter to facilitating effortless travel arrangements, we help you focus on what really matters.

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Diary management

Optimising your agenda for peak efficiency.

  • Meeting Scheduling

  • Calendar Optimisation

  • Reminder Systems

  • Conflict Resolution


Inbox management

Refining email flow for effective communication.

  • Response Handling

  • Email Filtering & Reports

  • Inbox Organisation

  • 2 working hour response


General admin

Streamlining administrative tasks for productivity.

  • Document Production

  • Dictation & Transcription

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Market Research


Travel booking

Arranging your travel details swiftly and accurately.

  • Flight and Hotel Booking

  • Itinerary Scheduling

  • Visa Applications

  • Travel Alerts


Social media

Strategically managing your digital engagement.

  • Content Creation

  • Content Scheduling

  • Account Engagement

  • Analytics and Research


Accounting tasks

Ensuring prevision in your financial documentation.

  • Invoice Creation

  • Invoice Chasing

  • Expense Organisation

  • Reconciliation


Events & Planning

Executing event details for seamless experiences.

  • Venue Research

  • Coordination with Suppliers

  • Event Management

  • Travel Coordination


Personal Admin

Organising personal tasks for smoother days.

  • Household Tasks

  • Personal To-do Lists

  • Event Planning

  • Travel Organisation

Hear from our customers

“I've worked with Fran for some time now and couldn't recommend her enough. Her exceptional client care, ability to meet deadlines, and high-standard formatting and administration skills have been invaluable in maintaining my business's professional image.”

Luke Baxter, Director at Stat Building Consultancy

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Hear from our customers

“Even though we’ve only just started working with Fran, her impact has been great. From seamlessly adding new clients to our system to helping us refine our report templates, she’s been an invaluable addition to our team.”

Evan Rodis, Director at Eteria

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Hear from our customers

“We’ve been using Executary for ad-hoc admin support, and the extra pair of hands has made a great difference to our workload. Fran is thorough, efficient and hardworking, using her initiative to get things done - we’d absolutely recommend Fran and her team.”

Will Beeching, Creative Director at Together

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Hear from our customers

“Fran's contribution over the past few months has been invaluable. Her unmatched attention to detail and depth of experience allow me to delegate tasks, knowing that they will be executed with precision and quality.”

Michael Harris, Owner at Michael Harris Associates

Michael Harris
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Why Executary?

We're a team of smart, tech-savvy assistants dedicated to streamlining your business ops, helping you focus on growth and reach your goals. All while enjoying a better work-life balance.

Bendy Brilliance

A team of UK based experts

Experience unmatched professional support delivered with uncompromising reliability and the exceptional quality you deserve.

Time Liberation

Effortless delegation

Let us take the admin and coordination off your plate, freeing you up for the important things

Smart Savings

Only pay for what you need

Cut down on overheads without sacrificing quality. It's like having a full-time assistant, but without the full-time costs.

Support Never Sleeps

Support that
never sleeps

We understand that business doesn't stop when the clock strikes five. That's why our out-of-hours service ensures you have the support you need, whenever you need it.

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