Our approach

The method behind the magic

We specialise in personalised, precise support that transforms your busy work life into a well-organized flow, all while maintaining a human touch


Our symphony of steps

We take your to-dos and transform them into ta-dahs! But how do we conjure this magic?

The Brief
Step 1

The brief

Reach out to us via your choice of Slack, WhatsApp, Email, or Phone. Like throwing a message in a bottle into the digital sea.

The Log
Step 2

The log

Your request embarks on its journey, finding a home on your very own project board in Asana. It's like a digital post-it note that we'll never lose.

The Estimate
Step 3

The estimate

We'll gaze into our crystal ball and give you a time estimate. Keep track of your task's adventure from the comfort of your Asana board.

The Magic
Step 4

The magic

The task gets completed, and voilà! Consider it done, dusted, and delivered with a flourish.

The Record
Step 5

The record

We meticulously log the hours in Asana, because even wizards need to keep track of time. After all, transparency is our favourite spell.

We work with everything you do

We smoothly integrate with all your favourite software, making task management a breeze.

Google Workspace

+ many, many more

Work With Tools
Bendy Brilliance

Let’s chat,
wherever you're at

Keeping in touch is a breeze, choose from Slack, Teams, WhatsApp or carrier pigeon. We're here wherever you get your work done best.

Absolute peace of mind

We treat your security like a guarded treasure, with measures tougher than a Fort Knox vault, because confidentiality isn't just a buzzword for us, it's our sacred promise.

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