Whether you've decided that a virtual assistant is your next must-have partner in productivity, or you're already enjoying the benefits but want to ensure your collaboration is seamless, we've got you covered in our latest blog post. We're here to dive deep into the essential elements that will set the stage for a productive and harmonious working relationship with your virtual assistant.

Introductory call

Prior to commencing work with your assistant, an introductory call is a pivotal step. In the realm of virtual collaboration, where face-to-face meetings are rare, this initial video call serves as a powerful medium to establish expectations, create a personal connection, and ensure effective communication. It's a chance to align goals and launch your partnership harmoniously.

Inbox access

If, like many of our valued clients, you're looking for a virtual assistant to tame your inbox, your first step is granting them access. Most email platforms provide an elegant solution: delegate access. It's a straightforward process that guarantees your security. Alternatively, you can explore the world of password management apps like LastPass or 1Password for a secure way to share your password. If your virtual assistant is expected to handle email responses or scheduling and you prefer them to reply under their own name, setting them up with an email account under your domain is something to consider.

How to’ guide

To ensure a seamless start to your collaboration, it's essential to outline the scope of your virtual assistant's responsibilities clearly. This is where a well-structured guide comes into play—a 'how-to' reference that your virtual assistant can turn to throughout your working relationship. Within this guide, consider incorporating information such as personal contact information, availability and preferred communication methods, business objectives, prioritisation and project guidelines and any protocols you need them to follow. This list is not exhaustive and you should include anything that you think would help your virtual assistant to complete their role effectively and efficiently.

Frequent catch-ups

After you've begun collaborating with your assistant, it’s important to allocate regular time in your weekly schedule for catch-ups. These needn't be elaborate meetings; even a brief 5-minute call from time to time can prove highly valuable. These regular check-ins provide an opportunity for you and your assistant to remain in sync. They offer a platform to evaluate task progress, provide constructive feedback, and address any concerns that may arise. This proactive approach not only helps with overall efficiency but also fosters a culture of trust and transparency. This environment makes it far more straightforward to adapt to evolving business needs, nurturing a harmonious, productive partnership.

Software access

While virtual assistants often come equipped with the fundamental tools for their roles, there can be occasions when you require them to operate on a platform they don’t currently have access to. To ensure your virtual assistant can effectively carry out these tasks, it's wise to provide them with the necessary resources. If you possess login credentials for the specific software they need access to, employing a secure password-sharing platform can be a practical method for seamless access sharing. Furthermore, if your assistant is required to work with software that's unfamiliar to them, it's a valuable step to offer training or allocate time for your assistant to independently acquire the necessary skills before diving into tasks on that platform.

By implementing these strategies, you're not just setting the stage for a successful and collaborative partnership with your virtual assistant but also ensuring that your business operates at its full potential. Don’t already have a virtual assistant but desperate for some support? The team at Executary is here to support you! Our virtual assistants are well-equipped to help you achieve your goals and unlock new levels of productivity. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, send us a message today. Your success is our priority.